Infrared thermography rugged cellphone

2019-12-04 18:04:48 admin

Product introduction:

Infrared thermography rugged cellphone  B9000I is a hand-held intelligent infrared thermal imaging detection tool, which integrates the micro infrared thermal imaging detector with the three proofing mobile phone perfectly, and can be customized differently

The industry's infrared thermal imaging detection business software is carried to the scene by the detection personnel, and the infrared thermal imaging of the target is completed quickly through the touch screen operation detection software

Detect, shoot, and upload data to remote management platform through WiFi wireless network for data management, real-time analysis and early warning.

rugged smartphone is widely used in power, medical, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing and other industries, which effectively solves the inconvenience of traditional infrared thermal imaging detection tools

Carrying, single function, complex operation, low detection efficiency, no wireless upload data and other deficiencies.

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Product features:

1) the micro infrared thermal imaging detector is built into the three proofing mobile phone, which is small in size and light in weight, easy to carry out and long-term handheld detection.

2) all functions are operated through 5.5-inch multi-point touch screen, which is fast and simple, and has high detection efficiency.

3) 5.5-inch HD color FHD screen image display, clear image.

4) the detection data can be uploaded to the remote management platform in real time through WiFi wireless network for data management, real-time analysis and real-time early warning to achieve failure,

The hidden danger shall be handled in time.

5) low power design, 6000mAh super endurance, meet the user's long-term detection needs, product three defense design, can achieve higher anti falling ability, with

Protect the equipment from accidental falling.