Rugged Smartphone

2019-12-02 12:02:39 admin

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of smart phones and the continuous expansion of application scenarios and functions, smart phones have become an indispensable part of people's daily life. However, people have to pay attention to the related use problems, such as explosion, automatic shutdown and so on, which have been reprinted and reported by major media websites for many times. Experts pointed out that many intelligent machines seem to be high-end, but actually they are not practical because of the weather or the temperature is too high or too low, and they are prone to automatic shutdown. Most intelligent machines are unable to use after water inflow, and can not start normally in high temperature, cold and other places In addition, a three defense smart phone was born.

The features of three proofing smart phones are very simple, that is, mobile phones with slight dustproof, shockproof and waterproof functions, mainly for young users who love outdoor sports or professional users with special needs. With its professional waterproof, dust-proof and excellent anti falling and anti rolling performance, it can be competent for the application in extremely bad weather conditions and special occasions.

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The three defense mobile phone standard is based on the national three defense technology standards, combined with the actual needs of the market and customers. Three levels of mobile phone are divided into three levels: primary level, intermediate level and advanced level (professional level).

Three levels of three prevention mobile phones are defined as follows: primary three prevention standard: ip56-5 dust-proof level, 6 water-proof level, 1.5m drop, regular vibration. Intermediate three prevention standard: ip57 - grade 5 dust-proof, Grade 7 water-proof, 3M drop, regular vibration. High level (professional level) three prevention standard: IP68 - grade 6 dust-proof, Grade 8 water-proof, 5m drop, conventional vibration

Shenzhen youshangfeng communication equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in mobile intelligent terminal solutions and services. The company focuses on R & D and production of three defense mobile phones, explosion-proof mobile phones, explosion-proof flat plates, three defense flat plates, and telecom three defense function machines and other products, providing various application solutions for the Internet of things industry. The company's products are widely involved in 3G / 4G mobile terminals, Internet of things handheld terminals, vehicle terminals, comprehensive law enforcement, mobile medical, industrial control, security monitoring and other fields.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of technological innovation and customer first. The products are suitable for the special needs of outdoor, professional market and industry users, and the specialized customized special communication terminal products.

Yushengfeng B9000 is the latest three defense smart phone developed by yushengfeng communication equipment Co., Ltd. with 5.5-inch toughened explosion-proof screen equipped with mtk6757 eight core processor and Android 8.0 system, it supports fingerprint recognition, face recognition and iris recognition. The wireless intercom module can talk for 3-5km in the open area, with 400 / 470MHz (UHF) full frequency band built in. It also supports POC cluster network intercom and global network intercom Intercom, GPS + BDS Beidou navigation function, with SOS outdoor mode.