New era of shared intelligence

2019-12-02 12:01:47 优尚丰三防手机

Shenzhen youshangfeng Rugged smartphone

From September 13 to 15, 2018, the 10th "Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo" was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "win-win intelligent new era", this exhibition perfectly creates four exhibition halls, including intelligent terminal hall, ecological magic cube hall, intelligent city hall, and intelligent life hall. It is one of the most forward-looking, scientific, technological and professional industry high-quality exhibitions in China.

During the exhibition, brand manufacturers from all provinces and cities gathered together to show a lot of cutting-edge technology products and cutting-edge concepts. Youshangfeng company is also honored to be invited to participate in the exhibition, showing the three defense products developed and produced by our company: three defense intelligent handheld terminal, three defense intelligent tablet, etc. The booth is located in C34 of smart terminal hall (Hall 13.2).

Shenzhen youshangfeng Rugged smartphone

Youshangfeng company is a manufacturer of communication equipment solutions and equipment in the same industry. The company provides product customization services (OEM / ODM) and platform services for industry customers. It can customize integrated solutions from concept to appearance structure, as well as product software and hardware design to production supply and backstage service support for customers. The company constantly pursues scientific and technological innovation and continuously invests a large amount of money in the research and development of new products every year. At present, the product types include middle and high-end three defense smart phones, three defense intercom phones, three defense Android tablets, three defense windows tablets and a whole set of solutions. Company to solve user problems, user-friendly concept, accept OEM / ODM product customization.

The products on display at the exhibition are favored by the majority of exhibitors, and there are also various demand questions raised by professional visitors in the industry, such as: industrial three prevention application, waterproof and dustproof, data collection, barcode label identification, fingerprint information, iris information, ID card reading, industrial scene application, enterprise demand, etc. Our sales elder brother and younger sister can answer one by one with professional business knowledge.

Looking forward to the future, Shenzhen youshangfeng will continue to work with China Telecom to give full play to the advantage resources and technology of the three defense handheld terminal in the industry, comply with the development requirements of the intelligent ecological era, and provide more perfect three defense professional products for professional demanders in the industry.

Congratulations on the success of Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo!